What's Hot With Bridal Fashion Shows
    There are two things that a bride would like to have on her wedding.  The first is to have a perfect wedding ceremony.  The second is the have the most beautiful bridal gown that they can find in the market.  Every bride knows that a bride will look very beautiful on her wedding day as long as she choose the right wedding gown that they are comfortable with yet have the best designs.


    Since a lot of brides are concerned about bride fashion these days, they may want to see the best design as they were showcased on fashion shows.  However, a lot of bride may think that it is not possible since catwalk fashion shows may only have exclusive invitations for people who are in the fashion industry like other designers, models, as well as people of the press.


    If there are two people who may have been tired because of wedding are the bride and the groom.  The reason for this is that they could have been very tired of all the wedding preparations.  Aside from this, they also have to undergo all the formalities in their wedding.  With this, the couple would definitely deserve the best honeymoon after their wedding.  And nothing will make it more special by having a honeymoon abroad.


    With this, it is important for the couple to know the best honeymoon overseas destination.  This will make reservation easier for them since they already knew the right places where they can go for a honeymoon and find the best accommodation and services from them.



    This is the very common overseas honeymoon destination.  If the couple is looking for the most romantic honeymoon, then this is the country to be.  They have Paris, which is considered to have the best ambience for dinners and traveling.  They also offer one of the best gastronomic experiences in the world.  And since France has been one of the most popular overseas honeymoon destinations, the couple is sure to find the best service that they can get so they can relax and just enjoy their honeymoon abroad.



    The combination of beauty, culture and history is the primary selling point of Mexico.  It has a lot of beach resorts located in the finest beaches in the country.  These beaches are perhaps the best location to do sporting activities and even spa relaxation treatments.  Aside from this, Mexico is also the home of the Mayan ruins, which served as the home of the Mayan community.  Up until now, they were able to preserve these ruins and let people of today see it for themselves.



    This country is also one of the best places found in the Mediterranean area of the country.  They have magnificent locations that will give every couple a feel as if they are stepping on the lands of Greek gods and goddesses.  Aside from this, Greece has a number of building ruins that are considered to be wonders in the archaeological world.  So if the couple would like to see the magnificent Parthenon and other building ruins in the Acropolis then Greece is the place to be for them.



    Just like France, Italy is also one of the most romantic places that couple can visit in the world.  They have the breathtaking tourist destinations.  The country offer destinations that will fit the preference of every couple in terms of art, architecture, culture and gastronomic experience.  Getting to Italy is really one of the rewarding honeymoons that couples can have.



    The culture and resorts are the best tourist destinations that the couple can find in Indonesia.  They may find a number of beach resorts that offer ultimate relaxation for couple who would like to getaway from their busy lives.  Aside from this, you will find the Indonesian culture very colorful and will truly give you a different perspective of foreign culture.  And if you will love the beaches, this is also a good place to enjoy their flora and fauna.  You will find a variety of animal sanctuaries where you can see the animals live on their natural habitat.

    Coco Jones and Dimitrios Papadogonas Wedding On Air… Literally!


    You may have heard of a lot of different wedding venues in many guides online.  You will find people getting married in courtyards, ballrooms, overlooking lawns and of course churches.  But have you ever heard of getting married in a plane?  This is what Coco Jones and Dimitrios Papadogonas had for their wedding day in October 2007.

    Get Started With A Wedding Planner

    Get Started With A Wedding Planner

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